I worked at Siemens Healthineers from 2015-2019 as a senior UX designer/usability engineer. This was the most complicated role I ever held, and a challenge I thoroughly appreciated.   It took me across the world, from across the US, to Canada, the UK and Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and India.  It was a lot of travel, and I loved it for the lessons I learned. 
I served as the sole UX designer for for the business line/imaging modality Molecular Imaging (PET and SPECT body scanners) and as their UX representative in a number of forums across Siemens, researching our needs and ensuring they were made clear.
My efforts were spread among usability and design teams, within software and hardware groups, as well as across engineering and scientific teams comprised of experts in electrical, chemical, radiological, radio-pharmaceutical, and mechanical fields. I talked revenue, on-boarding and compliance with product leadership -  and brand, voice and message with marketing leaders.
Visual design, interaction design, user experience design. User research, usability testing, test lab creation and maintenance. Training internal teams on usability tenets and the value inherent in the efforts that worldwide Siemens Healthcare UX team evangelized.   Interviews with SMEs, with customers who came to us, and on their home turf - the hospitals where they used our hardware and software to save lives. 
The work was broken down into several pieces: SPECT imaging, PET imaging, Service applications, and Molecular Imaging applications.  These served several type of users: Radiology techs, Physicians, Scientists, and mechanical/electrical support technicians.    

I also helped resource managers find and hire UX talent for our office in India, designed and implemented usability test facilities and strategies in the US and India, and promoted then implemented a successful UX internship program.
Here's a bit of the work that can be viewed. It reflects much more unseen work and collaboration across a passionate, international team of brilliant individuals, of which I was just one lucky guy. 
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