headshot of Richard Lee, with very little hair on his head.
Hi, I'm Richard Lee.
I've spent my 25-year career learning to harness design, development and business intelligence to analyze complex problem spaces using human centered design. I find, define and implement win-win scenarios that benefit the business, the customer AND the end-user with more intuitive and efficient solutions.
Currently I'm a user experience designer based in the United States in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I'm happy practicing myself or leading teams, with a focus on complex systems and product development tightly coupled with software developers and engineers of all kinds. 
I love to learn about systems, processes, tools... and the people that use them. I dig research, design, testing, tweaking and doing it again, but better.
If need be I can write content, code, shoot & edit photography and video, lay down voice-over work, illustrate, and am known to fly drones and juggle.
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